Saturday, September 3, 2011

Days 1-3 of 30 Day Challenge

Today, I stumbled on a 30 Day Challenge for bloggers started by

Since I am new to blogging, I thought it would be a fun experiment. I am already 2 days behind, so I am catching up right now!!

Day 1: Introduce Yourself

My name is Heather and I am a wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, and teacher.  I am a flutist and an avid reader. I teach music to middle school students at a public school and to babies & kindergarteners at a music school. I have a slight case of OCD, which leads me to be organized or to be annoyed that things are not organized :) 

Day 2: About my blog

I started my blog just over a month ago to give me a place to ramble and share. I call it "My Three-Ring Circus" since I often look at my life as a bit of a circus: organized chaos. Although I hope to be the Ringmaster, I'm pretty sure I'm just one of the Clowns :)

Day 3: About My Job

I am a music teacher for 2 different schools.

My full time job is to teach music at a public middle school. I teach 6th grade Performing Arts (general music & theatre) and 7th & 8th grade band classes. I love teaching middle school students (ages 11-14)! They are full of energy and beginning to have interest in the world as a whole. I have been teaching middle school for 10 years.

My part time job is to teach flute lessons and Musikgarten for babies & kindergarteners at a local music school. This is especially rewarding, since I can work with students in a much smaller setting: one-to-one for private lessons and six-to-one for the classes. Watching the babies react to music is priceless, and so is the look on the parent's face!

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