Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 10 of 30 Day Challenge

My Special Someone

As a friend and I sat in our first class for Experimental Psychology, we surveyed our classmates. It was a night class, so there was a great mix of college-crowd and adult-learners (more of the latter). We noticed that in the row in front of us was a guy wearing college attire from another college: LOSER!! Thus began the heckling.

Over the course, we got to know this Loser and he often walked with us after class. He was a commuter and happened to park in the lot next to our dorm. We became friends and saw him socially over the next 2 years.

Then one magical spring Saturday, Fate decided it was time. We think we had life lessons to learn from the people we dated during the 2 years of friendship. I had just dumped my current boyfriend (and yes, "dumped" is the appropriate term since he was an immature idiot!) and was prepared to enjoy the band concert that night and few a drinks alone. Loser stopped by, stating that he had just dumped his current girlfriend (who lived 2 floors up) and wanted to stop by on his way home. Instead of spending the evening alone, we went to the concert together, enjoyed the drinks he had brought along, and shared a few kisses by the end of the night.

The summer brought us closer together, since I had already signed on to live and work on campus for the summer and he lived nearby. We were practically inseparable our Senior year (which I'm sure drove my friends nuts!). He followed me to grad school in Philadelphia and we were officially engaged the following December. We married a year and half later in a small ceremony with our closest friends and family.

He is my best friend. We have our arguments, but we do not "fight." We are still learning and growing in our relationship, and have added careers, dogs, sons, and all sorts of crazy to the mix!

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