Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 12 of 30 Day Challenge

Goals for the Next Year

1. Have Connor successfully complete Kindergarten!

2. Finish painting the rooms of the house (we moved in last July and I have 2 bathrooms and a bedroom to go!)

3. Grow my Musikgarten classes!

4. Be more active at the local music school.

5. Strengthen my new local friendships and visit my time-tested friendships (working on trips to Maryland and California, still figuring out Georgia and Texas - why must my good friends and I have no fear of moving?).

6. Potty-train Ian. Hello, challenge!

7. Continue and improve upon living "green" and "natural."


  1. Best of luck on accomplishing your goals. I'm your newest followor from the hop, check me out at whenever you can

  2. It's always a good feeling to have goals - something to strive for!

  3. Great goals. Need any green tips let me know...would love to help!