Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Day in My Life

As mentioned in my post yesterday, I kept a log of my entire day today. Technically, I will log midnight to midnight; I will have to add anything that happens after 8:00 p.m. sometime tomorrow morning since I will not be on my computer from that point on tonight.

I have often wondered where my weekend goes... now I know!

In the log, my husband is "BW," my 2 year-old is "IG," and my 5 year-old is "CT."

1:10 a.m. - IG whimpered enough to wake me up, but not enough for me to check on him.

4:15 a.m. - Doyle, one of the beagles, decided this would be a great time to get sick. Thankfully BW handled the clean up!

6:32 - IG is awake, but still in his room.

6:37 - IG and CT climb into bed with us. 

6:48 - IG gets me out of bed to find the missing "balloon" (little maraca). I dispense milk and bananas to the boys, turn on Sprout in the playroom, and head back to bed.

7:11 - IG wanders back into bed with me and hangs for a bit. CT brings a granola bar for me to open, which leads IG to go fetch a granola bar for himself. I take a moment to take my med, since I have to take it on an empty stomach and not eat for an hour.

7:26 - IG wanders back into bed.

7:34 - I give up and get up, throwing on sweatpants, a t-shirt, slippers, and a hoodie.

7:40 - Time to make BREAKFAST! I make chocolate chip pancakes (a double batch from scratch!) every Sunday that we are home. I freeze one batch of pancakes for the boys to eat during the week. While the pancakes are cooking, I empty the dishwasher, do more dishes, start the dishwasher, and make my coffee. The boys eat pancakes as the batches finish cooking.

8:28 - Finally sit down to eat my pancakes and check my "tech:" email, FB, G+, etc.

8:39 - IG has somehow "injured" his eye and requires kisses; he then climbs on my lap while I continue checking the tech. IG decides it is time to go shirtless and wanders off to play.

8:58 - Both boys fetch apples to eat.

9:10 - Refine my to-do list for the day.

9:16 - That's a lot on my to-do list! And my week looks busy, too!!

9:17 - Start working on letters for work only to discover I do no have a file that I need to complete the project. I do what I can then move on down the to-do list.

9:31 - Change a diaper for IG and refill his juice. (This happens often throughout the day, but I did not write them all down)

9:33 - Clean the toilets and sinks; I switch a load of laundry while I'm in that bathroom.

9:52 - Help IG find the lost apple (found on the playroom floor) and make a "pit stop." This is not my only "pit stop" of the day, however I neglected to write down when the other's occurred.

9:55 - Change the sheets on CT's bed.

10:05 - Fold one load of laundry. (BW took care of 3 loads today... woohoo!!)

10:30 - Realize I've been completely distracted by "Pop-Up Video" on VH1.

10:38 - Unload the dishwasher (yet again), do more dishes, and clean up the kitchen.

11:30 - Check the tech.

11:40 - Work on new tech stuff for work. (I love getting new gadgets!)

12:20 - Change a diaper for IG and tuck him in for his nap.

12:30 - Return to working on the tech stuff.

1:08 - LUNCH!!! And catch up on Project Runway :)

1:36 - IG is awake from him nap (not nearly long enough!), so I pause Project Runway to make lunch for the boys. As they eat, I clean up the playroom and vacuum upstairs.

2:10 - Time to bake the weekly treat!! I bake something each weekend to put in CT's lunchbox and for all of us to enjoy. This week is Lotsa Lemon Bars.

2:30 - Practice for the upcoming recital while the bars are baking.

3:00 - Mop the kitchen floor.

3:21 - Change the sheets on my bed and fold another load of laundry while watching Project Runway. Also do some ironing and organize my outfits for the week. Yes, I am that Geek. It makes my mornings just a bit easier to manage.

4:15 - Time to make SUPPER! I love to cook, so I tried a new recipe tonight: Pork Chops with Sautéed Apples over Polenta. It was pretty yummy. It needs a bit more flavor and color, but I'm not sure what to add, yet.

5:00 - EAT!!! During supper, BW and I work with CT to create a Consequence Chart. He's been displaying some not-so-favorable behaviors lately and we want a way to keep track of his choices and reward him for the good ones.

5:30 - Shower time! Why so late? I take my showers in the evening. I love going to bed nice and clean, and it is one less this to do in the morning.

5:45 - IG gets his bath. He loves to play in the tub! I sit outside the doorway (out of the "splash zone") to supervise. Tonight, I brought my MacBook and created the chart for CT that was discussed at supper. My mom called; CT talked to her while IG finished his bath.

6:15 - CT gets his bath; IG takes his turn taking to my mom on the phone, then I finally get a turn :)

6:40 - Make my lunch for tomorrow.

6:51 - Check the to-do list: DONE!!!

7:00 - Both boys brush their teeth, then IG goes to bed.

7:09 - Sit down to start typing up this blog.

7:30 - CT goes to bed; IG is already asleep.

7:44 - And now time has caught up with me...

I feel exhausted just reading over what I did today! I can focus a bit on ME before I go to bed :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Tomorrow Brings

I've decided that tomorrow, Sunday, October 9th, I will log my entire day starting at midnight tonight. Why midnight? Just to see if I am awakened in the early morning hours by a boy or a dog or a strange sound. 

I will "time stamp" as many of my activities as possible, and include all the minute details of my actions (except for the trips to the bathroom, of course).

Out of curiosity, I want to see what the heck I do on my "day off." With 2 small boys, 2 beagles, 1 husband and a house to run, my day off does not really include lounging :)

If tomorrow's log goes well, I will try to do the same thing on a work day.

Check back tomorrow evening to see what unfolds!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Time for Tuesday

Time? What is this "time" of which we speak? I do not seem to have any currently...

Thanks for stopping by, especially if you are wandering in from the blog hop. Take a moment to look through the "30 Day Challenge" blogs that I posted for the month of September.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Say Hi Sunday

Thanks for stopping by, especially if you are wandering in from the blog hop. Take a moment to look through the "30 Day Challenge" blogs that I posted for the month of September.