Sunday, April 28, 2013

Necklace Frames

For a few years (10? maybe) I have had this very nice jewelry box. It has 4 small drawers, one that is divided into 4 sections, and a large ring drawer. There is also a necklace "cabinet" that has turn-able hook wheel. The main problem is that most of my necklaces are longer than the height of the cabinet, so my necklaces constantly get tangled when I turn the wheel to find the one I want. And it is dark in the little cabinet, so I am not always able to see what I'm trying to find.

Thanks to Pinterest, I've seen lots of cool ideas for displaying jewelry as if it is artwork. I got a basic idea in my head of what I wanted to create and just kept my eyes open.

I was recently at a church rummage sale - you know, the kind where you fill a bag for a buck? - and found the supplies I was looking for: pictures frames and fabric. I found an empty frame to use, as well as a frame with "art" that I had no problems sending to the curb :) I found a lovely purple velour skirt to use as the fabric. After purchasing foam sheets and straight pins from the art supply store, I was ready to create my new necklace frames!

The "art" that can find a new home.

Remove the art and the glass from the frame.

Cut foam to fit the frame (I used the art as the template).

Cut the fabric to fit around the foam. I taped the back... it is not pretty!

The fabric on the foam.

Insert the foam/fabric into the frame and use the original backboard.

Both of the finished frames.

Hang pins a different points. A great way to display my jewelry!

It looks pretty and makes it easy to find what I want to wear.