Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh, Sandy!

In the scheme of things, Sandy was just a nuisance in my area: flooding, road closures, power outages, trees down, and no lives lost. In the greater affected area, many people are dealing with major issues caused by the storm. The recovery in some areas will take months!

I am thankful:

*That my extended family along the East Coast is fine, and so are their dwellings.

*That we did not lose power or communication during the worst of the storm.

*That my house is on top of a hill and it would take A LOT of rain in a small amount of time for the creek to flood my house.

These pictures are just a timeline of the creek that runs through my neighborhood across our backyards. In no way are they comparable to the flooding in many cities!

The creek on a normal day (this tree is to the left of the next 5 pictures)

10/29 around noon (taken from my deck)

10/29 around 2:00 pm

10/29 around 4:15 pm

10/29 around 5:40 pm (last shot before sunset)

10/30 around 8:00 am

Just for comparison purposes, here is a picture from the worst flooding we have witnessed since living in this neighborhood. It is taken on ground level and the "Florida Room" of our neighbor's house (see below the word "branches" in the picture above) is about 4 feet from the edge of the water.

5/26/2011 Our little creek became a river!


  1. Totally unrelated to Sandy... I love the creek in your backyard! We have one as well, but it is at the bottom of a ravine, not to kid friendly yet. On a Sandy related note, ours about doubled in size. I don't have any pictures, but when the wind calmed down we could hear it rushing.