Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We're Still Here?

Take that Mayans! I always new it was just a logistics issue: you ran out of space on your massive stone calendar and decided to wait for a better method than "stone etching" for the next calendar. I completely understand.

And yes, I am still here, although I have not posted in a few months. It's the same old reason: LIFE. For as much as I enjoy posting, "finding" the time seems to be my challenge. I tried scheduling it, but then I just ignored my own schedule!

I want that to change. I want to post at least twice per calendar month. I have a couple of posts floating through my head: a memorial to my dog, my holiday crafts/gifts, and how to be Patient.

I'm not big on making "New Year Resolutions" since I believe any day is a good day to resolve to be a better person. And the reason most people "forget" their resolutions by March is that they do not have a measurement system or the resolution is too general  to be measured.

Over the past year, I have gained more control over my health through a change in nutrition and working with a medical specialist. I have taken initial steps in sharing my knowledge with more people than those I directly interact with. And I am remembering to do things for ME... still not nearly enough, but it is a start.

I still need to find the right balance between what I am doing, what I want to do, and what I need to do. I'm pretty sure that will be a life-long lesson to be learned; that's why retired people seem to have it figured out. But I can take the initial steps now, right?

Happy New Year! May the roller coaster ride of life meet your expectations: lots of ups and downs, twists and turns, fast and slow, ultimately leaving you smiling and wanting more!

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