Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Goals - Week 4

I am still struggling with this whole "time" issue. I don't feel like I am setting too many goals for myself, however I am getting sidetracked with other projects and tasks. Maybe by Week 8 (out of 10.5) I will finally get the hang of achieving my goals. I am not going to post a recap, simply because I am not going to dwell on that which I did not complete.

Week 4 Goals

Personal - Read every day for personal reasons, not work-related. I have not quit the daily physical activity, but I feel it no longer needs to be my goal (that and if it is not a focus, maybe I will have better success)

Home - Prep and paint the front railing. I did the research last week, but I did not have the opportunity to complete the project.

Work - create the student packets for the music camp. That will take up a good chunk of time, so that's all for this category.

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