Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Goals - Week 3

Now that I have had a dose of what summer "break" will really be like on a weekly basis, I hope to get back on track this week (see my update about the chaos last week).


Personal - Keep up the daily physical activity and include at least 2 spinning (cycling) classes.
I need to do this... for me.

Home - Research how to paint the front railing (which is rusting) and then paint it. I also need to get dirt to fill my planting boxes (which I built myself... woman power!). I'll have to take some pictures...

Work - create the daily lesson plans for the music camp and begin creating the student packets; post to my music blog.

Does anyone else suffer from "not-enough-time-itis?" You mean, EVERYONE has this?!? No way!! It's an epidemic!


  1. Hey!! I've done the rusty railing thing! Sand it really well, I mean really well to get rust and chipped paint off. They make "rustoleum" paint and it's really good. Use the black, or whatever color you want and it will look as good as new!!! I found it easier to brush paint than spray. Spray goes everywhere!! And the sanding part is REALLY important because if you have anything loose or not sanded, it will cause your paint to chip and it won't last as long.
    I did this to the railing of our old house so it looked good when we were selling it. Come to think of it, I could probably be doing it to our railing here but I sort of forgot we even had it!! :) Hope you are having a great summer!!

    1. Thanks!!! I wasn't sure whether to use sand paper (or what grain of sand paper) or to use a wire brush of some kind to prep the railing. I saw on a DIY show to have another person stand with a huge piece of cardboard on the opposite side as you spray to keep the paint from going everywhere. Summer seems to be flying by, but I keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time and SLOW DOWN... which it almost impossible for me :)