Friday, August 5, 2011

Follow-up to Millions of Peaches

I must update you on the recipe contest and the results of my preserves.

First: the contest. It was cancelled! Boo!! I received an email message Thursday afternoon stating that the contest was cancelled due to lack of interest. Complete bummer!!! I was looking forward to baking something for a contest; I've never done that before. Oh, well. Perhaps another opportunity will come my way.

Second: the preserves. After 24 hours, I tested one jar of the peach preserves. Thankfully it was not soup or syrup, however it was not jelly or jam either. It was a thick liquid, more like molasses with a thinner consistency. So I put some on toast; it tasted great! The peach chunks were yummy and the liquid was sweet - a little too sweet, but I can fix that next time. My next thought was: what else can I use this for? So then I tested it on oatmeal: Awesome!! I just used plain oatmeal and the preserves were sweet enough to make it delicious. The final test: as an ice cream topping. After attending First Friday activities downtown (minus the peach recipe contest, boo!), I scooped myself some vanilla ice cream and ladled on the preserves. The verdict is: Fabulousness in a Bowl! So I guess I will be marketing this batch as "Peach Topping: Perfect for Oatmeal and Ice Cream."

Any buyers victims volunteers out there? I have 8 more jars...

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  1. What a bummer about the contest! Sounds like you came up with some great alternative uses for your "preserves." They will be something you can enjoy all winter long!