Sunday, February 24, 2013

Are the Days of Sleeping in Really Over?!?

It is quick lesson learned that once a woman becomes pregnant, "sleeping in" becomes part of a history lesson. At some point during pregnancy (not until the third trimester, if you are lucky!), multiple trips to the bathroom and being too uncomfortable to sleep any more forces a woman out of bed way earlier than we desire to be. Then comes the newborn who gives us the sleep pattern causing insanity and then the toddler whose internal alarm is predictably early.

Now that my boys are getting older (7 and almost 4), they are mostly trained to leave us alone on weekend mornings. But their definition of leaving us alone is quite interesting.

Around 6:00am, we hear them arise... and argue about who gets to be the first person out the bedroom door. They head for the snack drawer, which may buy me 15-30 minutes before they want something they can't make themselves, like a waffle. So I make the waffle and wander back to bed. All is good until the arguing, yelling, and tattling commences in waves: 10 minutes of peace, then 2-3 of loudness, 15 minutes of peace, 5 minutes of loudness, etc.

Either my husband or I finally give up and get up around 7:00am, leaving the other to attempt another hour of sleep.

I just spend 2 nights at a hotel since I attended a conference 2-hours away. You may think this would be an opportunity to sleep in. Sadly, no. The boys have me so well-trained that I still wake up by 6:00 and can only catnap from then until I need to physically get out of bed. Grrrr.

Does this mean when my children are teenagers and sleep until noon that I will STILL be waking up at 6:00?!? Curses!!!!

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  1. my grandma has been retired for about 7 yrs and still wakes up at 5 am. but she napes like twice a day so... there is that.