Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rabbit Run to Catch Up

Yeah, yeah... I warned you it would be a while until I updated the blog again. I didn't think it would be 3.5 months in between posts, but life has been very "life-y."

So, where to start...

On the home-front, things are mostly well. CTM, the 6-year-old, has demonstrated some emotional and behavioral concerns since he started Kindergarten. So we consulted the school staff & his pediatrician and started a plan of action: behavior charts to keep track of day-to-day observations, consultations to check for underlying issues, and visits at the pediatrician to discuss treatment options. So far, the plan has worked beautifully!! He even achieved "Student of the Month" status for April. Hurray!!! IGM will be turning 3 next month. He is precocious and verbose and absolutely entertaining!!

On the career-front, things are busy. I have 3 private lesson flute students, one Musikgarten class, as well as my full-time middle school job. March is always busy in public schools since it the "Standardized Testing Month." And in the performing music class world, it is "Festival Month." Since those two "Months" seem to collide every year, it causes for a decent amount of stress and flexible scheduling. In addition to the normal amount of crazy at this time of year, I have the added bonus of being a Finalist for the County Teacher of the Year. This is a fantastic honor, which I am thrilled about and overwhelmed by at the same time. I'm putting all the details regarding that process in a separate blog.

This has not left a lot of time for cooking (for fun), baking (for fun), reading (for fun), or anything not related to keeping my household running on a daily basis. I'm still working on this whole "balance" between work-family-personal interests and obligations. Have any of you figured it out yet?

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